In 2014, by an amazing chain of causes and effects and a stroke of luck that I have yet to fully understand, I landed in Switzerland. Since then I have met wonderful and wonderfully weird people, fell in love for the city I live in, and am having the time of my life.
Everything is pretty great these days.
Since 2017 • Interaction Designer @ Digitec Galaxus AG
2014-2017 • 
UX Designer @ bexio
2012-2013 • Freelance UX Designer & Consultant
2008-2012 • Designer & Partner @ Comunicação Simples
2007-2008 • Designer @ Unificado
2012-Today • Enjoying the embrace of Coursera, Duolingo, Codecademy and everything else the internet has to offer.
2006-2012 • Bachelor in Media Studies @ UFRGS
Language Skills
Fluent Portuguese
Fluent English
Business-level German